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DONATE...and get these beautacious bookplates as a thank-you gift!

Hey, why should I donate when I can just read the site for free?

Well, donations help the site stay free. You've no doubt noticed that the whole web has become atrociously commercialized. There's nary a website anywhere not covered in advertising, particularly those fugly expanding ads that block out half the page content when you mouseover them. Here, on the other hand, I don't even have Google ads. And that's how I like it. Sure, browsers like Firefox can let you block ads completely, but the point is, it's better not even having ads there in the first place. SF is resolutely part of the old-school web, 100% independent and proud of it. Even a couple of bucks can keep SF chugging along for quite a while!

Still, I know how pimping for donations just seems like crass cyber-panhandling. So I wanted to offer a little something in return to all of you who'd like to kick in some of your hard earned wampum.

These lovely bookplates are my thank-you gift to donors. (The actual ones are larger than this sample image, of course.) In Radiohead style, you can pay whatever amount you want (except for nothing — a minimum of $1.00 is appreciated), and once your Paypal transaction successfully completes, you'll be forwarded to the full-size image. It's a 300 dpi PNG file, with two bookplate designs that you can print out as many times as you like. I recommend getting some full-sheet, 8½ × 11" labels, like these. Set your printer to landscape format, print, cut and stick into your favorite books to your heart's content.

If you aren't being properly forwarded to the bookplates, e-mail me at tmw at sfreviews dot net and I'll take care of you.

Just my way of saying thanks. Cheers! —TMW