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Hey, why should I donate when I can just read the site for free?

Well, donations help the site stay free. You've no doubt noticed that the whole web has become atrociously commercialized. There's nary a website anywhere not covered in advertising, particularly those fugly expanding ads that block out half the page content when you mouseover them. Here, on the other hand, I don't even have Google ads. And that's how I like it. Sure, there's AdBlock, but the point is, it's better not even having ads there in the first place. SF is resolutely part of the old-school web, 100% independent and proud of it. Even a couple of bucks can keep SF chugging along for quite a while!

There are a few more expenses associated with SFF180, mostly the channel's thumbnail art produced by the gloriously talented Matt Olson. Yes, Matt's a personal friend, but I pay him, because that's how you respect the work of creative people generally. Also, AA batteries! I burn through tons of those between my lighting and camera setups. These are not massive expenses, but if you'd like to help defray them in any way, you have my gratitude.

Thank you as always for being loyal readers. Cheers! —TMW