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Freehold review: Author's response

Thanks for reviewing it.

As it was written way back in '98, and I've done a lot since then, I agree on the disparate jump from the first part of the story to the second. I do think I'm entitled to a little consideration because
A: it was my first novel, and
2] I didn't turn it into a "trilogy."

A couple of other notes you might find enlightening:

I was an illegal alien for several years whilst moving here.

I've lived in Canada, loved it for the scenery, and couldn't be paid to go back there, such questionable "advantages" as public health care notwithstanding.

Australia has a signficantly higher crime rate than the US.

The Earth based gov't described in Freehold is a Fascism, not a Socialism.

The Freehold DOES have taxes, DOES have crime (a certain incident described that resembled Enron, only written 5 years earlier), and the UN forces have both competent and incompetent troops, the reasons for this being explained in the boring political bits behind the war. This is why soldiers study politics. If politicians actually studied war once in a while, they might start a few less of them.

Rape has nothing to do with sex or nudity, but violence and power. It's also very rare in the Freehold, as stated. It was given up in argument (by Rob) as a logical device. Nor is "Everyone" armed. It seems your own prejudices caused you to read a lot into it that wasn't actually there.

Just food for thought,

TMW replies: I have made the correction in the body of the review where Earth was referred to as socialist in stead of fascist.

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